Tantalus-Round Top Drive: Oahu’s only state and national Historic Road

Tantalus_Road_888_355Tantalus-Round Top Drive is an 8-mile, two-lane paved road that begins at the entrance to Punchbowl National Cemetery. The roadway climbs Tantalus Drive to an elevation of 1800 feet and then descends along Round Top Drive. The district ends at the 8.0 mile marker. This drive is two miles from Waikiki and one mile from downtown Honolulu. The ridges that carry Tantalus-Round Top Drive surround Makiki, one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Honolulu.

In 1906, the Civic Federation of Honolulu brought Charles Mulford Robinson from Rochester, New York for a survey in Honolulu. He recommended securing the top of Tantalus for “the one great park for Honolulu…”

READ MORE about our Tantalus History and National Historic Road.


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