Hiking with your dog in Hawaii

DogHiking with your dog in Hawai‘i can be a wonderful experience. Access to State Forest Reserves provides the public with opportunities to hike in some of the island’s most beautiful natural areas. However, it is important to remember that these areas are highly sensitive to recreational activities. Leash laws and other regulations have been implemented in State Forest Reserves to protect the environment, as well as to protect you and your dog from any hazards you may encounter. When hiking with your dog, it is imperative to know, understand, and abide by the regulations of the area. This brochure will guide you in planning a safe hike for you and your dog, reducing the likelihood of incidents on the trail.

Pet Owners
If you are on a trail in a Public Hunting Area, you might encounter hunting dogs along the trail, and your pet may be at risk. Make sure that your dog is leashed, and kept at a safe distance. Please be considerate of other trail users, and remove any droppings from the trail.

Download the DLNR’s “Hiking with your dog in Hawaii” brochure here.

Download the Honolulu Forest Reserve “Control Hunt Program Rules and Conditions” report here.


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