Tantalus Community Association:

send an email with name of person to forward communication to:

TCA Officers:  Mark Bernstein -President, Malcolm Kirkpatrick -Vice President, Neu-Wa O’Neill -Secretary, Kim Isaak -Treasurer & Communications Co-chair
TCA Directors: Debra Duggan-Takagi (Neighborhood Watch), Flo Egesdel, Alan Ewell (Past President & Communications Co-chair), Alice Lunt (Workday Coordinator), Steve Newman, Kari Peterson (Special Events Co-chair), Lynda Sakraida (Workday Lunch), John Steelquist, Bob Tam and Edie Vajda (Special Events Co-chair)
Individuals active but not formally on board:  Jennie Peterson (History) and Verne Takagi (Roadside Maintenance)

Friends of Tantalus:

With the sad passing of leadership of FOT – Pam Burns – the FOT is in a regroup mode.

  • Open – President
  • Alan Ewell – Vice President, Acting President
  • Barbara Shideler – Secretary
  • Alice Lunt – Treasurer
  • Mark Bernstein – TCA President

Kim Coffee-Isaak, please send any communication to and they will be forwarded to the correct person.

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