Friends of Tantalus

Friends of Tantalus (FOT) is a 501c3 charity dedicated to protecting the Tantalus mountain top and historic road. Our initial focus is to initiate a discussion amongst all groups who use this road either to reach a destination (e.g. residents, hikers) or for whom the road itself is the destination (e.g. bikers, runners).

Tantalus/Round Top Drive is O‘ahu’s only historic road. It was designated a state historic road in 2007 and was nationally recognized 2009. It merits this distinction in part having been built under four Hawaiian Governments- Monarchy, Republic, Territory and State of Hawaii. It is also one of the most pristine roads in the nation having undergone almost no change from its original footprint as it transitioned from wagon -trail to paved roadway. The black top was laid directly over the cinders, hence the 8-ton limit for vehicles today.  Its paving was the first Roosevelt administration WPA project on O‘ahu.