Disaster Preparedness

Tsunami Warning Sign

A warning sign in paradise. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Hawaiian Sea.

On a typical sunny day, we often forget that Hawaii has many hazards.

According to State Civil Defense, the most dangerous disaster threats in Hawaii are hurricanes, tsunamis and flash floods. These disasters could also have cascading effects – for example flash flooding could cause landslides, downed trees blocking the road, failure of your catchment system and power outages.

It is important to note which hazards affect you directly or indirectly where you live, work or play and make a plan for you and your family on where you will seek shelter, what items you will need to see you through and how you will communicate and reconnect following a disaster.

Additionally there are ways you can prepare you home and property that may mitigate damage, or provide a safe haven should you need to stay put. Tantalus has its own special set of issues. We hope the following information will answer questions, provide action plans and share additional resources for your further exploration.

Download the full Tantalus Community Association Disaster Preparedness Handout here:


  • Tsunami preparedness
  • Hurricane preparedness
  • Resources for staying informed
  • What to include: Emergency supplies and travel kit
  • Household evacuation and communications plan
  • Special planning for pets
  • Evacuation shelter information