Invasive species alert

Miconia leaves.  Photo courtesy Oahu Invasive Species Committee.

Miconia leaves. Photo courtesy Oahu Invasive Species Committee.

The Tantalus Community Association (TCA) welcomed the Oahu Invasive Species Committee (OISC) to educate our residents about threats from invasive species that are particularly relevant to our mountain environment. Below please find some information about plants to watch for:

The Oahu Invasive Species Committee has a variety of plant and pest species they target across the island, and three of these species have been found in the Tantalus area. However, with continued survey and removal they can be prevented from establishing on Oahu.

OISC regularly surveys for these targeted invasive species known to occur on Mount Tantalus:

The area and frequency with which surveys are conducted depend on the species itself. When a plant is found, a buffer zone is created around the plant. OISC routinely surveys these buffer zones according to how soon the plant reaches maturity. So, while miconia surveys are conducted every three years, glory bush and cape ivy surveys are much more frequent, conducted every 6 months and every 3 months, respectively.

You can support OISC’s mission and protect the community from harmful invasive species by allowing OISC to survey your property if requested, and by reporting invasive plants and pests when you see them. Visit OISC’s website ( for photos and descriptions of invasive species and their impacts.

About the Oahu Invasive Species Committee

OISC field crew

Image courtesy Oahu Invasive Species Committee.

OISC is a voluntary partnership of state, federal, and private agencies united to protect Oahu from the most harmful invasive plants and animals that threaten our environment, economy, and human health.

OISC’s Mission

  • Protect O‘ahu’s native ecosystems, agriculture production and the public’s quality of life.
  • Eradicate incipient invasive species and contain high impact invaders.
  • Educate and involve the public to help stop the spread of invasive species

OISC fills an important function in invasive species management by surveying and removing harmful pests in the early invasion stage and eradicating them either island-wide or from ecologically sensitive areas. Invasive species don’t recognize any boundaries, therefore OISC works island-wide on both private and public property through our partnerships.

Oahu Invasive Species Committee
743 Ulukahiki St.
Kailua, HI 96734

Ph: 808.266.7994
Cell: 808.286.4616

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