Invasion: Little Fire Ants – Recently on Oahu

This important film documents why we should all be on high alert for the Little Fire Ant throughout Hawai‘i, especially on our hill.

The Little Fire Ant is a very real biosecurity issue for Tantalus. These ants sting people, blind pets, and hide in trees. They have multiple queens and are hard to eradicate. The Little Fire Ant has spread all over East side of Hawai‘i Island, and has very recently been found in Oʻahu nurseries on hāpuʻu from the Big Island.

It would be very unfortunate if anyone inadvertently brought the Little Fire Ant to Tantalus, which could happen if people bring up plants or soil from others areas on Oʻahu, including nurseries newly infested with the Little Fire Ant.

Let’s be vigilant, careful about potential vectors/sources, and help get the word out. Call 643-PEST if you see anything suspicious. For more information, please visit:

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