Rolling Sweet Potato Hill

Sweet potatoesWhat are these beautiful compound green leaves emerging at ground level on one of the lower Tantalus corners? It’s one of our most active Adopt-a-Corner plots: “Rolling Sweet Potato Hill.” This corner is maintained by Tantalus resident Mike McFarlane and other volunteers/fans. The plot even has its own blog at:

Mike and his recruits are working to reintroduce the Hawaiian Sweet Potato as an experimental ground cover in this area.  The Hawaiian Sweet Potato is one of the world’s most nutritious vegetables and it has been grown as a diet staple on Tantalus for hundreds of years by Native Hawaiians.

Rolling Sweet Potato Hill project goals include:

1. Keeping the sight lines open for road users by keeping the vegetation cut back.
2. Exploring sustainable ways to eradicate and keep invasive plants out of the Tantalus Area.
3. Cutting and maintaining a foot path so pedestrians do not have to walk on the hairpin turn.
4. Planting sweet potato as a ground cover and exploring the possibility of creating a sustainable food source for hungry people.

The project blog includes many resources including planting tips, nutrition comparisons, and historical and cultural information. Lots of good motivation for any aspiring sweet potato gardener!

Read more about the Adopt-a-Corner program at:


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