Tantalus Adopt-a-Corner Map

Tantalus Adopt-a-Corner Map

Mahalo to our friends and neighbors who have made a special effort to “Adopt-a-Corner” and take responsibility for keeping an area along the road clear of vegetation, trash, graffiti, and/or other impairments to beauty and safety. This maintenance work is above and beyond the effort exerted during our quarterly TCA workdays.

Tantalus Community Work Day – July 27

By Carolyn Carley

Our summer work day was held Saturday, July 27th. We continued to reach out for more participants outside of our residential community. We had two community police officers, one of whom brought his wife; also Senator Brian Taniguchi’s aide with his son, the I.H.S. supervisor, came to lend a hand. Of course, we had our core group of residents. In all we totaled nearly 30 people. City & County came with their front loader & dump truck making a sweep of the mountain picking up the large piles that dedicated workers pulled up to the side of the road.

With the June rains and intense July sunshine, as you all noticed, the growth along the roadside has been phenomenal. We focused efforts on cutting the overgrowth along Round Top Drive and worked on the lower slopes of Tantalus Drive cutting back at corners for sight lines. We continue to coordinate with the City & County to work on trimming Tantalus and Round Top Drives regularly. Once again we’re looking into digging out guinea grass and replacing it with low growth grass.

Lynda Sakraida made a scrumptious Mexican lunch, and Edna Ayling brought her famous poppy seed cake to supplement Lynda’s brownies and lemon cake. Over lunch we talked story about the work that was done and what to do for future community work days.

Join us on our next work day Saturday, October 19th!